Korean company adopts DOST-FPRDI light oil-fired dryer
April 13, 2016

A Korean company about to go into exporting cuttlefish bone has found an ally in DOST-FPRDI.

The Cavite-based RTV 586 Trading Inc. is set to use a DOST-FPRDI light oil-fired dryer to dry cuttlefish bone, a dietary supplement for pet birds.

A close relative of squids and octopuses, the cuttlefish is a marine animal that possesses a unique internal shell (or bone) that is rich in calcium, making it an ideal part of pet birds’ diet.

Big furniture company adopts DOST-FPRDI spray booth
April 13, 2016

Factory workers at Don Pin Corporation, the country’s leading manufacturer of interior fit-out office furniture, have recently been given the chance to work in a safer workplace.

The company installed in February 2016 a finishing spray booth designed by the DOST-FPRDI which aims to clear the factory of fumes and dust-especially in the sanding and spraying sections.

An effective way of clearing the finishing area of air pollutants is through the use of a spray booth, an enclosed or semi-enclosed area used for the spray painting of fabricated items.

DOST-FPRDI assists R&D on classical guitar
March 16, 2016

DOST-FPRDI recently lent support to an R&D project that aims to level up the quality of classical guitars made in the Philippines.

For. Robert A. Natividad and Engr. Josephine P. Carandang gave technical assistance to faculty members from the UP College of Music who are spearheading the project entitled “Gitara ni Juan: Development of Prototype Design and Standardization of the Guitar-making Process for Quality Classical Guitars Using Select Philippine Woods.”

According to Project Leader Nathan Manimtim, “Our goal is to come up with a standard procedure for Filipino guitar-makers in crafting quality and affordable classical guitars using Philippine woods.”