Working Properties

Mechanical Grading of Lumber

The course seeks to provide understanding of the concept of non-destructive testing in assessing the strength properties of individual timber species.

It focuses on the method of sorting structural lumber into groups according to strength, that is mechanical or machine stress grading.

Knowledge and skills gained from the course provides participants the confidence in the use of tropical timber for construction and reduce the pressure on well-known species as stress grading rules are used on lesser-known species.

Duration: 2 days

Lumber Grading

The course seeks to train manpower in grading Philippine hardwoods to ensure compliance with lumber standards and maintain product quality. It focuses on the interpretation and application of grading rules and provides practical knowledge on lumber grade recovery and identification and measurement of lumber defects.

The course is designed for sawmillers, timber merchants, or those involved in lumber manufacturing or trading who wish to develop or upgrade their knowledge and skills in standardizing their products. In-plant training can be arranged.

Duration: 3 days

Wood Machining

The course focuses on the various processes and techniques in machining wood that include planing, boring, mortising shaping and turning, and how these affect surface quality and efficiency of woodworking machines. It highlights wood machining defects and surface quality evaluation.

The course is designed for those engaged or are intended to engage in woodworking. In-plant training can be arranged.

Duration: 3 days

Wood Preservation

The course consists of lecture-discussions and laboratory sessions on the methods and techniques in wood preservation, decay-causing organisms, wood characteristics and properties related to wood preservation and quality control.

The course is designed for supervisors and middle-level management of wood-using firms. It can be designed to upgrade the knowledge and skills of technical personnel involved in species evaluation and treatment of utility poles and construction materials on the various aspects of wood preservation. A field trip to a commercial wood preserving plant is included. In-plant or on-site training can be arranged.

Duration: 3 days

Preservation of Bamboo, Rattan and other Non-wood Forest Products

Biodeterioration in the raw materials caused by insects and fungi is a common problem in the furniture and handicraft industries. This lowers the quality of the products because of unpleasant appearance and decreased durability of the materials.

This module addresses the biodeterioration problem in bamboo and rattan. Through an understanding of its nature as well as ways to protect the raw material, the participants are offered a viable option for improving the value of their products.

Duration: 1 day

Coconut Lumber Processing

The course seeks to provide an understanding of and hands-on experiences in the various aspects of coconut wood processing starting from harvesting through production processes to finished product (coco lumber). It focuses on the methods and techniques in coconut felling, skidding, bucking and sawmilling. Grading and preservation are included to stress the importance of quality control in coco lumber production.

The course is designed for coconut wood processors, coco lumber producers and those who intend to engage in these lines of work. On-site training can be arranged.

Duration: 3 days

Wood Seasoning

This course introduces the participants to wood structure and wood properties related to drying, wood-moisture relations, seasoning methods, wood seasoning defects and their prevention, and quality control procedures.

Through lecture-discussions and practical exercises, it aims to develop knowledge and skills on scientific wood drying for better quality end-products.

The course is designed for workers in furniture and other woodworking shops/factories. Entrepreneurs, production supervisors, quality control inspectors and marketing personnel may also avail of the course. In-plant training can be arranged.

Duration: 3 days

Bamboo / Rattan Seasoning

This course looks into the complex nature of the drying process highlighting the role of moisture on the behavior of bamboo/rattan during processing and in-service. It introduces the FPRDI kiln drying facility and familiarizes training participants with the drying methods, common drying defects, and proper storing of dried bamboo/rattan poles.

Duration: 1 day

Glue Lamination of Wood

The course covers general considerations in gluing wood; raw material characteristics and properties related to gluing; glue classification, formulation, modification and spreading; pressing of glued parts; strength testing of glue lines and joints.

The lecture-discussion format is supplemented by demonstration and hands-on sessions.

The course is designed for workers of manufacturing firms engaged in the production of sporting goods; furniture; housing components such as beams, trusses, windows and door jambs.

Duration: 3 days