Pulp / Paper / Chemical Products / Energy

Pulp and Paper Making

The course covers raw material preparation, pulping process, pulp bleaching, stock preparation, paper making, pulp and paper testing and product evaluation.

It follows a lecture-discussion format. Hands-on application of the theoretical knowledge imparted is emphasized. FPRDI research results and experience are infused into the course.

The course is designed for the technical staff of pulp and paper mills. In-plant training can be arranged.

Duration: 10 days

Handmade Paper Making

The course aims to equip the participants with knowledge and skills on manual papermaking using readily available raw materials such as agricultural wastes i.e., abaca, cogon grass, rice straw, bast fibers, water hyacinth, and other cellulosic materials; and waste paper.

It is meant to provide farmers and member of their families with non-farm livelihood opportunities. It is also designed for housewives, out-of-shool youths and other groups interested in having a gainful home activity. On-site training can be arranged.

Duration: 3 days

Handmade Paper Converting

Producers of handmade paper can move on to converting and come up with value added products such as novelty boxes, picture frames, book covers, pencil holders, bags and others to enhance livelihood opportunities.

The course looks into ways of product diversification by coming up with various novelty items utilizing handmade paper. Ideas and insights on design and techniques generated should prove useful in further efforts at paper converting.

Duration: 2 days

Almaciga Resin Tapping and Cleaning

The course provides basic and practical knowledge on tapping almaciga trees following scientifically tested procedures aimed at sustained resin production.

It also provides knowledge and skills in cleaning of almaciga resin to enhance and upgrade quality and prices.

The course emphasizes skills development in tapping and cleaning through hands-on learning.

It is designed for almaciga resin licensees, collectors and other groups intending to go into almaciga resin production. On-site training only.

Duration: 3 days

Formulation of Varnish from Almaciga Resin

The course looks into the concept and processes involved in the formulation of varnish using tapped or fossil almaciga resin. It is especially designed for local furniture and handicraft manufacturers, almaciga resin gatherers and concessionaires.

The course in general, also aims to equip the participants with knowledge and skills in gathering good quality almaciga resin for varnish formulation.

Duration: 1 day

Charcoal Production

The course familiarizes the participants on the different methods and processes in charcoal production, i.e., modified pit, modified drum, the FPRDI masonry block kiln and carbonization of wood waste, rice hull and coconut coir dust using the FPRDI sawdust carbonizer.

The course is aimed at maximizing product recovery from raw materials and optimizing product quality. Step-by-step procedure is given for each charcoaling method.

It may be availed of as a complete package or as separate methods. On-site training can be arranged.

Duration: Modified pit : 3 days
  Drum : 1 day
  Masonry block kiln : 5 days
  Sawdust carbonizer : 1 day

Charcoal Briquetting

The skills-oriented course gives the concept and step-by-step procedure in briquette production using a locally fabricated mechanized rotary briquettor or manual briquettor.

Duration: 2 days