Production Management and Productivity Improvement

Production Planning and Control for the Wood Furniture Industry

The course provides insights on how furniture manufacturing can be made more efficient and cost-effective through production planning and control. It covers areas on product conceptualization, sale forecasting, equipment capacity planning, order and flow control systems, inventory control, work schedule, facilities and plant lay-outing, and methods engineering.

Duration: 1 day

Material Management and Inventory Control

The course introduces participants to the importance of material management and inventory control to ensure that adequate quantity of materials are purchased, stored and moved through a plant in a smoothly flowing sream and to achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in production.

It focuses on forecasting of demand, procurement planning, scheduling of purchases, inventory fundamentals, calculation of materials to be utilized, distribution and handling system.

The course is designed for key personnel of furniture/handicraft shops handling the procurement, storekeeping, and production departments.

Duration: 3 days

Facilities Planning and Lay-outing

Efficiency is a measure of production system in a given plant. To achieve efficiency of operation requires a careful analysis of resources, capabilities, need and requirements and how they will be situated in relation to the different functions for unimpeded work flow.

The course looks into essential consideration in the selection of facilities/equipment and setting up of work or function areas and ensuring safety on the job.

Duration : 1 day

Woodworking Machine Operation and Maintenance

The course seeks to provide an understanding of wood in relation to machining and familiarize participants with the fundamentals of basic woodworking machine operation and maintenance including calibration of machine parts.

It highlights developments in woodworking machinery as it looks into the operation and maintenance of other automatic and semi-automatic machines. In-plant training only.

Duration: 3 days

Finishing Facilities Operation and Maintenance

The course introduces participants to the design features and technical description of the finishing facilities (spray booth/drying tunnel) and the practical benefits that can be derived therefrom.

It covers the different installation requirements, operation, maintenance of facilities, and trouble-shooting techniques and systems.

Duration: 1 day (company to company basis)

Lumber Dryer Kiln Operators Course

The course offers training on wood seasoning and operation of lumber dry kilns to optimize their effectiveness and obtain good quality lumber and lumber products.

The lectures and demonstrations are reinforced by hands-on experiences in lumber drying and kiln operation and maintenance.

The course is designed for kiln operators who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills on the various aspects of wood seasoning and dry kiln operation, and would-be kiln operators. In-plant training can be arranged.

Duration: 10 days