Material properties

Wood Identification

The course provides practical training in wood identification for proper and wise use of given species.

Lecture-discussions on basic wood structure and characteristics and wood identification methods and techniques are accompanied by actual identification of selected wood species for skills practice. Observation of some wood species in their natural stand is included.

The course is designed for those who wish to polish their knowledge on wood identification such as students of forestry and those who wish to develop a working knowledge of the subject matter as employees of wood-based firms and also those who are involved in the acquisition or plain users of wood products.

Duration: 3 days

Wood Quality Evaluation

The course consists of lecture-discussions and demonstration on sampling methods, conditioning and physico-mechanical testing of the physical and strength properties of wood. It provides an understanding of why and how certain wood species are suited for particular end-products as engineering requirements are related to wood properties.

End-use assessment exercises using the FPRDI system of wood quality evaluation are given.

The course is designed for the technical personnel of wood-using industries.

Duration: 4 days