New issue of PFPJ now out

Volume 4 of the Philippine Forest Products Journal (PFPJ) has recently been released. Featuring eight papers, the issue can be accessed thru the FPRDI Library. The featured papers and their authors are as follows:

Sawmilling of Malapapaya [Polysciasnodosa (Blume) Seeman]
Pablito L. Alcachupas and Carlos M. Garcia

Fabrication of a Bamboo Flattening Machine
Dante B. Pulmano, Robert A. Natividad,
Carolyn Marie C. Garcia, Ruben A. Zamora and Eduardo M. Atienza

Parallel Evaluation of Bond Test on Philippine-made Plywood
Using PNS 196:200 and IS0 12465:2007 Standards
Juanito P. Jimenez, Jr., Freddie M. Ordinario,
Nathaniel A. Ramos and Rico J. Cabangon

Local engineered bamboo industry can look forward to better days

Engineered bamboo products.
(Left) Engineered bamboo products like this corner table are gaining popularity in the global market. (Right) These floor tiles were made by an engineered bamboo company in Mindanao.

The humble bamboo has gone a long way. From being called“the poor man’s timber”, it now graces many high-end homes, hotels and offices around the world, as attractive engineered panels, floors, furniture and handicrafts.

FPRDI Furniture Testing Lab Offers Lead Content Test

The Forest Products Research and Development Institute’s Furniture Testing Center (FFTC) now offers lead content analysis. The license to operate was awarded to FFTC last 01 October 2014 and will be effective until 31 December 2015. Lead analysis costs Php 500.00 per reading.

Mr. Alvin Vardeleon of the FFTC.