Pallet maker saves P80K a month with DOST-FPRDI technology

ACE + FA Enterprises, a Laguna-based maker of wooden pallets, has been saving around Php 80,000 a month on its operations for one year now. How did it do this? It stopped renting the services of another company and now uses its own low-cost heat treatment facility (LHTF) to disinfect its pallets.

Designed by the Department of Science and Technology’s Forest Products Research and Development Institute (DOST-FPRDI), the LHTF provides the heat needed to kill insects and other pests infesting wood packaging materials (WPMs) such as wooden pallets.

WPMs are commonly used in shipping goods around the globe as they are cheaper than plastic and metal containers. However, WPMs made of raw wood are prone to pest attacks and can introduce and spread pests from one country to another.

New issue of PFPJ now out

Volume 4 of the Philippine Forest Products Journal (PFPJ) has recently been released. Featuring eight papers, the issue can be accessed thru the FPRDI Library. The featured papers and their authors are as follows:

Sawmilling of Malapapaya [Polysciasnodosa (Blume) Seeman]
Pablito L. Alcachupas and Carlos M. Garcia

Fabrication of a Bamboo Flattening Machine
Dante B. Pulmano, Robert A. Natividad,
Carolyn Marie C. Garcia, Ruben A. Zamora and Eduardo M. Atienza

Parallel Evaluation of Bond Test on Philippine-made Plywood
Using PNS 196:200 and IS0 12465:2007 Standards
Juanito P. Jimenez, Jr., Freddie M. Ordinario,
Nathaniel A. Ramos and Rico J. Cabangon